Exploring the French Verb “Dormir”: Conjugation, Meaning, Translation, and Examples

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Exploring the French Verb “Dormir”: Conjugation, Meaning, Translation, and Examples: The French language is celebrated for its elegance and diversity, and one essential aspect of this linguistic tapestry is its verbs. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of the French verb “dormir.” We’ll explore its Dormir Conjugation in various tenses, its meaning, how it translates to English, and provide illustrative Dormir examples to help you grasp its usage effectively.

Conjugation of “Dormir”

“Dormir” is a regular -ir verb, which means it follows a standard conjugation pattern. To use it correctly, you’ll need to know how to conjugate it in different tenses and moods. Here’s a breakdown of its Dormir Conjugation:

Present Indicative:

  • Je dors (I sleep)
  • Tu dors (You sleep)
  • Il/Elle/On dort (He/She/One sleeps)
  • Nous dormons (We sleep)
  • Vous dormez (You sleep)
  • Ils/Elles dorment (They sleep)

Past Participle:

The past participle of “dormir” is “dormi.”


  • Je dormais (I used to sleep)
  • Tu dormais (You used to sleep)
  • Il/Elle/On dormait (He/She/One used to sleep)
  • Nous dormions (We used to sleep)
  • Vous dormiez (You used to sleep)
  • Ils/Elles dormaient (They used to sleep)


Meaning and Translation

The verb “dormir” translates to “to sleep” in English. It represents the act of resting and experiencing the state of sleep, making it a fundamental part of everyday conversation and life.


Now, let’s examine some Dormir sentences to see how “dormir” is used in various contexts:

  1. Je dors profondément après une longue journée. Translation: I am sleeping deeply after a long day.
  2. Les enfants dorment paisiblement la nuit. Translation: The children sleep peacefully at night.
  3. Elle dormait quand le téléphone a sonné. Translation: She was sleeping when the phone rang.
  4. Nous dormirons tard demain, c’est le week-end ! Translation: We will sleep in tomorrow; it’s the weekend!
  5. Ils ont dormi pendant tout le voyage en train. Translation: They slept throughout the train journey.


Understanding the French verb “dormir” is essential for effective communication in French. It is a verb that encapsulates a universal human experience — sleep. With knowledge of its conjugation, meaning, translation, and practical Dormir definition, you can confidently discuss sleep-related topics and engage in conversations with native French speakers. So, next time you want to express your need for a good night’s sleep or discuss someone else’s slumber, you can do so with ease using the verb “dormir.”



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