How to Type French Accents: Easy Accent Codes and Shortcuts

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French, with its rich accents and diacritical marks, adds a unique flavor to written communication. Knowing how to type French accents is crucial for anyone writing in French or communicating with French speakers. In this guide, we’ll explore easy accent codes and shortcuts to help you effortlessly incorporate accents into your writing. For a more detailed reference, visit our comprehensive guide on How to Type French Accents.

Understanding French Accents

French accents include the acute accent (é), grave accent (è), circumflex accent (ê), diaeresis or umlaut (ë), and cedilla (ç). These accents alter the pronunciation and meaning of words. Knowing how to type them correctly is essential for accurate communication.

Easy Accent Codes and Shortcuts

1. Acute Accent (é):

  • Windows: Alt + 130 or Alt + 0233
  • Mac: Option + E , then press E again

2. Grave Accent (è):

  • Windows: Alt + 138 or Alt + 0232
  • Mac: Option + ,(grave accent key), then press E`

3. Circumflex Accent (ê):

  • Windows: Alt + 136 or Alt + 0234
  • Mac: Option + I , then press E

4. Diaeresis/Umlaut (ë):

  • Windows: Alt + 137 or Alt + 0235
  • Mac: Option + U , then press E

5. Cedilla (ç):

  • Windows: Alt + 135 or Alt + 0231
  • Mac: Option + C

6. Other Accented Characters:

  • To access a range of accented characters on a Mac, hold down the key associated with the base letter (e.g., E), and a menu with accented options will appear.

Additional Tips:

  • International Keyboard Settings: You can set your keyboard to an international layout to access accents more easily. On Windows, you can add the “United States-International” keyboard. On Mac, you can choose the “ABC — Extended” layout.
  • Special Characters Menu: On a Mac, holding down a key will bring up a menu of accented options. For example, holding down A will display à, â, ä, etc.
  • Online Keyboard Tools: If you’re writing online, consider using virtual keyboards or online tools that allow you to click on accents.


Mastering how to type French accents is a valuable skill for anyone engaging with the French language. Whether you’re a student, traveler, or language enthusiast, these easy accent codes and shortcuts will streamline the process, allowing you to express yourself accurately and confidently in written French. For a more in-depth guide, make sure to visit our comprehensive resource on How to Type French Accents.



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