Unraveling the French Verb “Aimer”: Conjugation, Meaning, Translation, and Examples

Addison Smith
2 min readNov 7, 2023

The French language is renowned for its beauty and complexity, and at its heart are its verbs. In this blog post, we’ll embark on a journey of discovery as we delve into the intricacies of the French verb “aimer.” We’ll explore its Aimer Conjugation in various tenses, dissect its meaning, understand its translation in English, and provide you with illustrative Aimer examples to help you master its usage.

Conjugation of “Aimer”

“Aimer” is a regular -er verb, which means it adheres to a standard conjugation pattern. To wield it effectively, you must become familiar with its conjugation in different tenses and moods. Here’s a breakdown of how “aimer” conjugates:

Present Indicative:

  • J’aime (I love)
  • Tu aimes (You love)
  • Il/Elle/On aime (He/She/One loves)
  • Nous aimons (We love)
  • Vous aimez (You love)
  • Ils/Elles aiment (They love)

Past Participle:

The past participle of “aimer” is “aimé.”


  • J’aimais (I used to love)
  • Tu aimais (You used to love)
  • Il/Elle/On aimait (He/She/One used to love)
  • Nous aimions (We used to love)
  • Vous aimiez (You used to love)
  • Ils/Elles aimaient (They used to love)


  • J’aimerai (I will love)
  • Tu aimeras (You will love)
  • Il/Elle/On aimera (He/She/One will love)
  • Nous aimerons (We will love)
  • Vous aimerez (You will love)
  • Ils/Elles aimeront (They will love)

Meaning and Translation

The verb “aimer” translates to “to love” in English. It signifies the profound emotion of love, which is universal and essential in human life.


Now, let’s explore some Aimer sentences to understand how “aimer” is used in various contexts:

  1. J’aime la musique classique. Translation: I love classical music.
  2. Ils aiment se promener au parc. Translation: They love taking walks in the park.
  3. Elle aimait les livres depuis son enfance. Translation: She had loved books since her childhood.
  4. Nous aimerons voyager autour du monde. Translation: We will love traveling around the world.
  5. Vous avez aimé le film que nous avons regardé hier soir ? Translation: Did you love the movie we watched last night?


Mastering the French verb “aimer” is a key to expressing deep emotions in the French language. With knowledge of its conjugation, meaning, translation, and practical Aimer examples, you can confidently discuss love, preferences, and affection in your conversations with native French speakers. So, whether it’s expressing your love for a person or your passion for a hobby, “aimer” is the verb that will help you convey these sentiments effectively.



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