Unraveling the French Verb “Envoyer”: Conjugation, Meaning, Translation, and Examples

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Unraveling the French Verb “Envoyer”: Conjugation, Meaning, Translation, and Examples

The French language is a tapestry of linguistic beauty, and one of its threads is the verb “envoyer.” In this blog post, we embark on a journey of exploration, unraveling the intricacies of the Envoyer Conjugation in various tenses, uncovering its meaning, understanding its English translation, and providing illuminating Envoyer examples to assist you in mastering its usage.

Conjugation of “Envoyer”

“Envoyer” is a regular -er verb with its own set of rules. To use this verb effectively, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with its conjugation in different tenses and moods. Here’s a glimpse of how “envoyer” conjugates:

Present Indicative:

  • J’envoie (I send)
  • Tu envoies (You send)
  • Il/Elle/On envoie (He/She/One sends)
  • Nous envoyons (We send)
  • Vous envoyez (You send)
  • Ils/Elles envoient (They send)

Past Participle:

The past participle of “envoyer” is “envoyé.”


  • J’envoyais (I used to send)
  • Tu envoyais (You used to send)
  • Il/Elle/On envoyait (He/She/One used to send)
  • Nous envoyions (We used to send)
  • Vous envoyiez (You used to send)
  • Ils/El/Elles envoyaient (They used to send)


  • J’enverrai (I will send)
  • Tu enverras (You will send)
  • Il/Elle/On enverra (He/She/One will send)
  • Nous enverrons (We will send)
  • Vous enverrez (You will send)
  • Ils/Elles enverront (They will send)

Meaning and Translation

The verb “envoyer” translates to “to send” in English. It represents the act of dispatching something to another location, making it a fundamental part of communication.


Now, let’s immerse ourselves in Envoyer sentences to understand how “envoyer” is used in various contexts:

  1. J’envoie un courriel à mon ami. Translation: I am sending an email to my friend.
  2. Elle envoie des fleurs à sa mère pour son anniversaire. Translation: She sends flowers to her mother for her birthday.
  3. Nous envoyions des invitations aux invités hier. Translation: We were sending invitations to the guests yesterday.
  4. Tu enverras les documents par la poste. Translation: You will send the documents by mail.
  5. Ils ont envoyé un cadeau surprise. Translation: They sent a surprise gift.


Understanding the French verb “envoyer” is essential for expressing the action of sending in the French language. With knowledge of its Envoyer Conjugation, meaning, translation, and practical Envoyer examples, you can confidently navigate discussions related to sending messages, packages, and more. So, whether you’re sending a letter, a text message, or a gift, “envoyer” is the verb you need to convey this action effectively in French.



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