Unveiling the French Verb “Asseoir”: Conjugation, Meaning, Translation, and Examples

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The French language is a treasure trove of linguistic intricacies, and one of its gems is the verb “asseoir.” In this blog post, we will embark on a journey of exploration, uncovering the Asseoir Conjugation in various tenses, decoding its meaning, understanding its English translation, and providing illuminating Asseoir examples to assist you in mastering its usage.

Conjugation of “Asseoir”

“Asseoir” is an irregular -oir verb, and it comes with its own set of conjugation rules. To effectively use this verb, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with its conjugation in different tenses and moods. Here’s a glimpse of how “asseoir” conjugates:

Present Indicative:

  • J’assois (I sit)
  • Tu assois (You sit)
  • Il/Elle/On assoit (He/She/One sits)
  • Nous asseyons (We sit)
  • Vous asseyez (You sit)
  • Ils/Elles assoient (They sit)

Past Participle:

The past participle of “asseoir” is “assis.”


  • J’asseyais (I used to sit)
  • Tu asseyais (You used to sit)
  • Il/Elle/On asseyait (He/She/One used to sit)
  • Nous asseyions (We used to sit)
  • Vous asseyiez (You used to sit)
  • Ils/Elles asseyaient (They used to sit)


  • J’assiérai (I will sit)
  • Tu assiéras (You will sit)
  • Il/Elle/On assiéra (He/She/One will sit)
  • Nous asseyerons (We will sit)
  • Vous asseyerez (You will sit)
  • Ils/Elles assiéront (They will sit)

Meaning and Translation

The verb “asseoir” translates to “to sit” in English. It represents the action of taking a seated position, which is a fundamental part of our daily lives.


Now, let’s immerse ourselves in Asseoir sentences to understand how “asseoir” is used in various contexts:

  1. J’assois toujours à la même place dans la salle de classe. Translation: I always sit in the same place in the classroom.
  2. Ils assoient les invités autour de la table. Translation: They seat the guests around the table.
  3. Elle asseyait son bébé sur ses genoux. Translation: She used to sit her baby on her lap.
  4. Nous assiérons les invités dans le jardin. Translation: We will seat the guests in the garden.
  5. Vous avez assis le chien à côté de vous. Translation: You sat the dog next to you.


Understanding the French verb “asseoir” is essential for expressing the action of sitting in the French language. With knowledge of its Asseoir Conjugation, meaning, translation, and practical Asseoir examples, you can confidently navigate discussions related to seating, arranging people, and describing the act of sitting in various contexts. So, whether you’re finding a seat for someone or taking a break to sit down yourself, “asseoir” is the verb you need to express this action effectively in French.



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